The Cleveland Indians Are “Calling All Bros” To Bro Down In “Brohio”

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The Cleveland Indians and Nick Swisher have created the Mannywood of Ohio and named it the Swishaliciously-perfect "Brohio." This is kind of like that time you heard someone's dad say he thought Juicy Fruit was "tubular" and you immediately stopped saying "tubular" and chewing Juicy Fruit.

Fans interested in claiming their residency in "Brohio" at Progressive Field now have the chance on Fridays in Section 117.

Nick Swisher and the Indians will include "Brohio" shirts with the first 100 ticket purchases in Brohio - Section 117 - at remaining Friday night home games at Progressive Field.

Swisher has been wearing the shirt for some time now and, thanks to this press release, we learn some people are becoming very excited by it. For example, one of his teammates has added the shirt to his "Cleveland-centric attire" and Scott Kazmir is still alive.

[E]ven local comedian Mike Polk Jr., who gave Swisher a friendship necklace in Goodyear, Ariz., during Spring Training, got one from Swisher as an appreciation of the duo's bro-ness.


It's Christmas in July in Brohio; nice kids get Brohio shirts, naughty kids get broal. And adults pretend they're not all speaking nonsense.