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The Closer: Goodbye To Jimmy

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Notes from a day of baseball ...
• 1. That's All, Folks. The Phillies' Jimmy Rollins ended his hit streak yesterday, at 38 games, in a 4-2 loss to the Cardinals. (Who are 3-0, by the way.) We are big fans of Rollins — particularly when he shaves his head; he had some cornrows last year that were pretty brutal, in a McNabb type of way — but barring some postseason theatrics, this streak is probably about as famous as he's gonna get. We understand why he looked so sad when it ended.
• 2. We Should Have Known. If you have Eric Gagne on your fantasy team — like we do, or, should we say, did — then you are being punished for your imprudence. Gagne is having elbow surgery and may very well be out all year. Why we didn't see this coming, we have no idea.
• 3. Yeah, Well, Screw You Too. All kinds of excitement in the Mets game last night. Pedro Martinez hit Jose Guillen twice, the bullpens cleared and the mustachioed menace of Nick Johnson pounded an enormous three-run homer. But we have a feeling what will matter most from last night will be the actions of Carlos Beltran. The big-money center fielder didn't have a hit all season before pounding a tiebreaking homer. In a rare peace offering, the Shea crowd, which has been on Beltran's case since he signed with the team, called for him to take a curtain call. Beltran, obviously pissed, refused, until Julio Franco talked him into a begrudging one. But that relationship does not appear to be improving. Should be something to watch all year.
• 4. Domestic Tranquility. Inspired by the tantalizing reemergence of various acts of fornication at ballparks all across the American League, the Orioles' Kris Benson pitched well in a losing cause for Baltimore yesterday. After the game, he was asked if his recently reconvened marriage had helped his pitching. "Not a bit," he said."
• 5. Tiger Town. The Detroit Tigers just won three game on the road to start the season and hit seven homers yesterday. Jerome Bettis clearly is involved, somehow.


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