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Five tidbits from a night of baseball ...

1. Ah-cha-cha-cha! We made the rather brutal mistake of staying up to watch the end of the A's-Yankees game last night/this morning. Seeing the Yankees lose in the last at-bat wasn't enough to make up for our early-morning grogginess. The good news: Derek Jeter's apparent habit of showing off Jazz Hands! every time he crosses home plate. By the way, Bobby Crosby got hurt. Again.


2. Where Is Everybody?. We know the weather wasn't great in Seattle yesterday, but, uh, since when is the weather great in Seattle? The Mariners announced only 20,051 paid attendance yesterday, the second-lowest total in Safeco Field history.

3. Easy There, Lefty. Not a good day for marquee lefthanders yesterday; both Houston's Andy Pettitte and Minnesota's Johan Santana got hammered. They gave up a combined 23 hits in 10 innings to Florida and Toronto, respectively. Did you guys see that? We did a straight sports item.


4. That Didn't Take Long. Nomar Garciaparra went on the disabled list again. In other words, no real position change for him after all.

5. Welcome To Oak-town. It's a good day for underground gay porn collectors of Northern California; noted thespian Kaz Tadano was traded to the A's by the Indians. He might have been excited for a moment before realizing the guy trading for him was this Billy Beane, not this Billy Bean.


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