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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The Dallas Cowboys have fallen behind by... let's see now... 312098398219031-3 at the end of the third. Baltimore and Miami continue to battle for the remaining AFC spots.


It's fair to say that Eagles fans are enjoying today's proceedings at Lincoln Financial Field:

Eagles famed radio broadcaster Merrill Reese put it nicely after Clemons TD, "We are not drunk. We are totally serious. It's Eagles 34, Dallas 3."

We're not drunk either. The Eagles are putting an asswhooping on the Cowboys and will head to Minnessota next week to take on the Vikings in the playoffs.

Miami leads the Jets 21-17 as the fourth quarter starts; the Jets are mostly playing for the honor of the graybeard as Baltimore leads Jacksonville 27-7 in the fourth. In the battle of the formerly loved and the currently loved in the Meadowlands, Brett Favre's completed 40% of his passes if you count the two interceptions while Chad Pennington has filed 75% of his attempts in the success column. The Patriots wait to see if the Dolphins lose as Baltimore losing was their Plan B.

Other teams are playing as well. And so it goes.

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