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The Cowboys Are Quite Stealth

We are pleased that we don't work in a field as compulsively paranoid as professional football. (The world of online journalism is typically too narcotically enhanced to have time for paranoia.) Every move, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, is in danger of being swiped by another team and used for some perceived (and probably imaginary) advantage. So the Dallas Cowboys might have made a bit of a mistake when they let in a news crew earlier this week.

It seems the Cowboys accidentally showed their draft board of top defensive backs. Considering that's a position of need, that could conceivably be a problem, at least if everyone's paranoia is justified.

I would love to get Wade Phillips in a poker game one day. Chances are at some point he'd show all his cards. They also have their defensive line rankings out, but it's impossible to see. Considering that most teams guard their draft boards like it's a collection of nuclear codes... this would seem to be a pretty careless move on the Cowboys part. Good luck trying to maneuver in the draft when every team knows who you're after.


This still seems like a lot of bustle over very little; if you think this half second snippet off television actually makes a difference in the draft, you're probably giving more credit to NFL science that is probably warranted. Though we would like to play Wade Phillips in poker.

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