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You don't need a reason to drink this weekend, but you may need a reason to watch a 49ers-Cowboys preseason game that doesn't include "it was the only thing the sheriff would let me watch from the holding cell."


The Cowboys insane video scoreboard and it's special teams abilities will be a hot topic of broadcaster conversation at every Dallas home game (and some away games) this year, so bloggers—as is their wont—have been forced to invent a drinking game. A brief selection from the rules:

6. One shot if the broadcast cuts to Jerry Jones' uneasy face after Andy Lee punts the ball into his scoreboard.

7. Two shots if Coach Mike Singletary looks amused with Andy Lee punting the ball into the scoreboard.

8. One shot if any broadcaster makes an analogy between the new Cowboy Stadium and the Death Star.


It might not be that fun, but I guarantee you'll be passed out before halftime.

Andy Lee Drinking Game [Niners Nation]

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