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The Cubs Are Good At Karaoke Too

Screencap via
Screencap via

The Cubs are good at baseball. Real damn good. They lost a narrow one to the Pirates yesterday but they’re still 27-9. The team has an off day today, so naturally, they went and did some karaoke last night. was on the scene as Dexter Fowler, John Lackey, Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester, Travis Wood, and a few others were in attendance, as the team prepared to roast the Milwaukee Brewers by working on their chemistry and pulling off a decent NSYNC together.

Variety is essential in a good karaoke night, so they also did Biggie.


You also have to get everyone involved, as “Wagon Wheel” did.

The Cubs are apparently experienced karaoke veterans, as they commemorated a series sweep last season by getting even Theo Epstein into it last year. I bet Joe Maddon would be fun at karaoke, he’s a known public singer already.


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