October is nearly here, and you know what that means for the Cubs: cleaning day! If you'd like some memories, like an oversized tribute to a late team legend signed by thousands of grieving fans, it's in the dumpster out back.

ESPN's Jon Greenberg is there for Dumpster Day, sort of the Cubs' equinoctial counterpoint to the Red Sox's Truck Day, and he's finding all kinds of fun things in the trash.

That last one's really depressing. The giant cards were at the 2011 Cubs Convention, held months after Ron Santo's death. Fans were encouraged to write down their memories, and even a nice message to pass along to Santo's family. It's unclear if the Santos saw them, or if they should bring their truck around back of Wrigley if they'd like to pick them up,


(Obviously, the team can't keep these around forever. They've got to get rid of them sometime. But maybe don't toss them out where everyone can see them.)

Also taken out for curbside pickup: Dale Sveum, who was fired as manager after a 127-197 record over two seasons. GM Theo Epstein sent Sveum on his way with a lengthy and personal statement. It reads, in part,

"I believe Dale, who felt the weight of losing perhaps more than any of us, will grow because of this experience and find excellence elsewhere."


"It's not you, it's us." The Cubs are experienced at breakups.