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The Daily News Tracks Down Drazen Petrovic's Forgotten Fellow Passenger

The New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy spoke with Hilal Edebal, Drazen Petrovic's then-girlfriend and the passenger in the 1993 car accident that killed the New Jersey Net. She escaped alive but brain damaged.

An excerpt:

"It's just so unfair," she says, from her home in Istanbul, Turkey. "Everything was perfect before the accident."

Edebal was the other passenger in the red Volkswagen with Petrovic speeding along a German superhighway on June 7, 1993. To newspaper readers in this country, where Edebal was scheduled to enter her second season at Niagara University, she wasn't even at the scene. Reports at the time misidentified her name as Hilal Haene and her age as 53 - off by a considerable 30 years. Her tragic story was lost, not only in the immediate aftermath, but also in the ensuing years of stories and documentaries.


Anyway, go read the story, which serves as a nice companion piece to the Once Brothers 30 for 30. There's a little less Vlade.

Crash that killed Drazen Petrovic 18 years ago crushed the dreams of one broken passenger [NY Daily News]

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