So it turns out that finding a picture of a cheerleader near the letter H is a bit tougher than I imagined. Regardless, East Carolina is sticking it to West Virginia, Notre Dame is still as awful as you could have hoped, and Washington is sticking with BYU in an great game. So yeah, things are starting to look up all over the place. Continue after the jump for the final HJP of the day, especially if you reside in the "Jimmy Clausen is a douchebag" camp. So not only does PSU have that annoying roar over the PA for first downs, but their crowd has adopted the Euro '08 douchebaggery chanting of "Seven Nation Army." s2nblog ECU goes up 7-0 on long until Paul Maguire starts make pirate jokes? "ARRRRR that was a good play!" drscooter19 I do declare that from this day forward, Jimmy Clausen shall be known as "Pickles." twoeightnine (Ed. Note: And so it shall be.) Jimmy Clausen has gone from spiky-haired douchebag to greasy, long-hair douchebag. That is quite a mullet. s2nblog Clausen with a demi-mullet and just one eyeblack on? Cemented his title as douchetard of the season - and it's only September! Texy If this does come to pass, can we relegate Notre Dame to I-AA? It's not like they belong to a conference or anything. s2nblog Jimmy Clausen fails to hit the receiver in the end zone. Then they fumble the field goal attempt. Notre Dame Football. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! drscooter19 It's not like NBC to televise a football program that is well beyond its glory years. By the way, does anyone know if there's a new SNL tonight? suss I read about Jevan Snead in Meat Market. I know he played for a split second at Texas before transferring to Ole Miss. For whatever reason, I thought he was black, and I can't explain why. s2nblog (Ed. Note: Me too.)