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The Deadcast Went To Nashville, Ate A Lot, And Invented A Hideous Milkshake

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Illustration: Sam Woolley

The votes are counted, the headaches have dissipated, Drew’s GI tract is back in acceptable working order after a frontal assault by a smallish bite of Bolton’s hot chicken, and the verdict is in: Nashville, Tennessee is a pretty cool place to spend like 36 hours. It would probably be even more fun to spend even more time than that there, but that was what we had for this week’s live Deadcast at Headquarters Beercade in downtown Music City, and while it wasn’t really enough—enough time to see everything there was to see, eat half of what there was to eat, and for Drew to buy even a tenth of the overstated Western-style garb available for sale—it was most definitely enough for a good time to be had by all.

We discussed the inexplicable continued employment of Jason Garrett and budget regional sodas and what exactly would constitute “a compromising photo of Jerry Jones.” Various SEC Guys—one could argue perhaps a few too many SEC Guys—were remembered and some spicy chicken was eaten, more happily by some than others. Some of the visual experience of our Guy Remembering gambit may not translate as well to the audio version, but maybe this photo of Florida Gators demi-legend Fred Weary will help. Just imagine like 20 of these.

Oh yeah, that guy.
Photo: Andy Lyons (Allsport)

What kind of person goes to a live podcast recording? Before I started doing the Deadcast, when I was someone who seldom listened to podcasts or honestly attended any kind of live performance with any regularity, I would have answered with “masochists/weirdos” and felt confident in doing so. If I might get in Earnest Mode for a moment, though: after three very different Live Deadcast experiences in three very different towns, I can now more authoritatively state that the ones I’ve met at these events have been kind, interesting people who make me proud and happy to be doing whatever the hell it is we’re doing with the Deadcast. You all are fun to be around and the constant in all these different events has been how much fun we’ve had hanging around and watching random Monday night games with you all.

I can’t speak for Megan or Drew, but each of the live Deadcasts has been a blast for me, both because it’s fun to visit new cities and do new things but also because the people that listen to our dumb podcast really are the sort of people I’d want to talk to in a bar in a strange city. (Because the Funbag questions are such a big part of the podcast, I already knew that our listeners were both deranged mutants and very funny.) I can, I think, confidently speak for both Megan and Drew in thanking everyone that came out on a rainy night for doing so, and in saying that I can’t wait to do it all again.

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