The Deadspin Awards Are Coming

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Sports awards are bad; sports awards shows are worse; the Deadspin Awards will be bad in their own way, but at least, and definitely, fun.

Next month, in downtown Manhattan, the Deadspin staff will gather with readers, friends, and big-wigs from various walks of life to honor the stupidity, inanity, ridiculousness, and wonderfulness of sports and other things we’re interested in. There will be a ceremony, a red carpet, and actual physical trophies offered up in recognition of the worst sports owners, the best sports babies, the worst Tweets, the best job Jim Tomsula had before working his way into an NFL gig, and much, much more. You might say that these will be the sports Razzies, a pretext for people to get together and make fun of something they love; we’d just say it’s an opportunity to celebrate sports stuff that deserves to be mocked—and celebrated.

Over the next two or so weeks, we will—as we’ve done previously with our purloined Hall of Fame ballot and authoritative college football rankings—turn things over to you, the public, so that you can decide, say, who the most offensive media personality is, or which bad GM most deserves the Sam Hinkie Memorial Award.


Keep an eye on this space for ways in which you, the reader, will be able to win access to this I-swear-to-God-it’s-a-real-event event, and take to the comments to let us know what sorts of awards should be awarded, because there’s always time to come up with good awards for bad and dumb sports and sports-ish happenings.