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I remember watching 2 Chainz eat a $295 burger on GQ’s “Most Expensive Sh*t” series and thinking, “hell to the naw.” $295 for a burger?! And you don’t even get fries with it! Of course, this was not a regular burger, but the “Le Burger Extravagant” from Serendipity 3. The burger consists of all the usual expensive things: Japanese Wagyu beef, truffle butter, caviar, etc. And to top it off, the bun is dusted with 24K gold leaf to which 2 Chainz exclaims “You can eat gold?!”

You can indeed. In fact, gold dusted whatever has become a very chic and expensive trend in restaurants all over. There’s gold chicken wings, gold ice cream sundaes, gold vodka (everyone’s favorite first liquor), and the list goes on. Prices vary for these delicious gold-dusted treats anywhere from $45 for 10 chicken wings to $1,000 for a sundae.

The biggest twist about all this gold leaf business though is: edible gold leaf is not that expensive! Also, it doesn’t taste like anything! It’s literally all for show… Or is it?


The Deadspin Idiots, this time consisting of myself, Luis Paez-Pumar, and Jon Eiseman were put to the very hard test of trying to see if we could distinguish gold dusted food from just regular food. We Bird Boxed ourselves and chowed down on plates of Shake Shack, sushi, donuts, and McDonald’s soft serve (the good stuff). It really did all taste the same, aka very delicious, with the only real distinguishing factor seeming to be texture.

So, tune in, watch us eat (personally I fasted before this video so I was starved), and pretend the intro song is “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars. I said pretend because though gold leaf is pretty cheap, song rights are absolutely not.

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