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Ladies and gentlemen of the Deadspin Pub, if you've never seen the Superclásico, an Argentinian derby between the nation's top two teams, today you can change all that. Whenever River Plate and Boca Juniors get together on the same field it's going to be pretty tough to tear your eyes away. Continue after the jump for the day's other televised matches, including a couple of Premier League matches and a rather crucial tilt in Serie A (if you're in to that sort of thing). Match of the Day River Plate vs. Boca Juniors at 4:30 pm on FSC Casual fans of the beautiful game are surely familiar with the two Argentinian powerhouses, but aside from Boca's Riquelme they may not be all that familiar with a lot of the players. Let me tell you, it doesn't matter in the least. If you enjoy watching great soccer it's simply a game that cannot be missed. The teams are stocked with plenty of local talent and the atmosphere (see above) at the Buenos Aires derby fairly ridiculous. River Plate hosts this time around, and the most successful club in the nation's history is in desperate need of a win. Sure they've sucked all season, but all it takes to break out of a funk is a date with your arch-rival. Other Televised Matches of Interest Hull City vs. West Ham United at 10:00 am Setanta Hammers! Tigers! It's Sunday morning on Setanta! You know you love it. Stoke City vs. Tottenham Hotspur at 11:00 am FSC Okay Spurs, try not to be overwhelmed by Stoke's star power. You might just be able to steal a point here! Hamburger vs Schalke 04 at 11:00 am on GolTV Mmm...hamburger. As for Schalke, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't eat it. Atl. Bilbao vs Barcelona at 1:00 pm GolTV Not a big NFL fan? Great, watch Barca score a shitton of goals. Barca hasn't been a world-beater in La Liga this year, but they do sport a +11 goal differential, best in Spain's top league. Roma vs. Inter at 2:30 pm FSC Will Totti play for Roma? They sure as shit hope he will. Will Materazzi play for Inter? Probably, but he's still a fucking cock.


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