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It's a sad day when Boston fathead David Wells is turned into a Stepford Drone, but it has happened. On Monday, Wells blasted commissioner Bud Selig and essentially accused him of covering up the Rafael Palmeiro steroid bust, which, frankly, the rest of us all think too. But once Wells left his emergency meeting with MLB officials โ€” but not Selig โ€” his press release sounded like it was written by someone other than Wells. Which it almost certainly was.

"I met [yesterday] with Major League Baseball and the Players Association and was happy to have the chance to answer questions about my press conference [Monday] and to learn more about the drug-testing program and on-field disciplinary suspensions," Wells said in a statement released through the players' union.

"Now that I have had this opportunity to sit down and discuss the issues, I better understand the procedures that go with steroid testing. I now know that neither Bud Selig nor anyone else delayed the [Rafael] Palmeiro case and that the Commissioner's Office has worked with the union to improve the steroid policy."

"On-field disciplinary suspensions." "Understand the procedures." "Have had this opportunity." Yeah, totally sounds like David Wells.

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