The Details Of Minnesota State Head Football Coach Todd Hoffner's Child Porn Charges Are Horrifying

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Minnesota State head football coach Todd Hoffner's been charged formally with felony counts of using his own children in a sexual performance and possession of child pornography, and the details outlined in the charges are unpleasant to read. The videos, featuring three children under the age of ten, were allegedly found on Hoffner's school-issued phone when a university employee attempted to back it up or repair it. From Mankato's Free Press:

A one-minute video created on June 26 showed the three children, one boy and two girls, with their backs to the camera and covered by towels, the complaint said. They drop the towels and turn toward the camera, exposing themselves. The boy allegedly fondles himself and the girls allegedly bend over and expose their anuses to the camera.

A much shorter video showed the girls dancing naked before the boy enters wearing only a football helmet, according to the complaint. The third video, about two minutes long, allegedly shows one of girls being woken at night by a male and told to go to the bathroom. After the girl gets up, the camera focuses in on the back side of her underwear, the complaint said.

Hoffner didn't exactly cover his tracks.

The children called the adult "dad" in the video and investigators determined through photos and facebook that the children in the video were Hoffner's children.

Hoffner's attorney called the videos "private family moments" and that "there's nothing in there that's graphic or sexually exploitive or anything along those lines." Judge George Harrelson set bail for Hoffner at $10,000 on the condition he only have contact with his children while another adult is present.

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