The Diligent Fact-Checking Of Sports Radio

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Dan Serafini was a journeyman pitcher in the late '90s, not doing much to distinguish himself, save for maybe being traded for Brandon Pernell. (Note: Brandon Pernell is no one of note.) But a Cubs fan looking to muse on all matters bloggish decided to name his site Serafini Says, because he used to run into the pitcher walking his dog around Wrigley.

Well, one day, our intrepid blogger received an email asking for an interview with the Twins flagship radio station, WCCO. Though he had never even implied that he was, in fact, Dan Serafini, he thought it would be fun to play along, assuming someone would, doing even a modicum of research, discover he wasn't actually the pitcher and call bullshit.


No one did.

As we wrapped it up, my questioner said thanks, and said goodbye, simply hanging up, and not saying a thing about the interview. I wondered if I had been found out and had to wait until the Twins Weekend Magazine show that Saturday to see if I would be receiving my (or Dan's) fifteen minutes. Sure enough, the interview was played in its entirety minutes before the Twins regular pre-game show.


We live in a world where there are accidental Dan Serafini impersonators. The Internet is so scary sometimes.

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