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As loyal subscribers โ€” honestly, if you're paying for the MLB TV package for your TV rather than your computer, you're getting ripped off โ€” our favorite parts are usually when the game isn't going on. If you find the right feed, it won't jump to commercial like on regular telecasts and you can hear the dunder-headed announcers blabbering on.

Blogger Lupe Velez had a grand time during the Yankees-Angels game the other day, chronicling this conversation between Yankees announcers Michael Kay and John Singleton. It occurred after an attractive woman entered the YES booth:

kay: WHOAAA! there's a winner! โ€” there's two winners that just entered the booth! oh my god! lee, you have to stand up. lee, you MUST stand up. oh my goodness... kay and singleton in unison: no more calls! kay: oh ho! no visible means of upper support singleton : and bouncin! likin' the music! kay: oh my goodโ€”- did you see?! singleton: let me outta here! kay: we've lost kenny. earth to kenny... singleton: is there a game tonight? [long silence] kay: god, that's...smokin......

All right, that just really grossed us out.

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