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Roger Clemens' Brian McNamee-is-lyin' defense took another hit yesterday, when noted roid-pusher and former Mets' clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski told the Feds he had sent HGH samples to the Clemens' home in Texas and he's got the receipts to prove it. Does this help prove that Roger Clemens is a fraudulent chemically-enhanced monster? No. Actually, the date of the shipments (2002 and 2003) coincides with the time Debbie Clemens was creating her ripply SI swimsuit body. (Impostor!)

Roger Clemens' trusted attorney, Rusty Hardin, once again shoves all this nonsense aside, telling the DN, "I can't imagine that there's any truth to that at all. We'll find out one day Roger never received or took the stuff."


However, if any of the allegations against Debbie Clemens are true, Sports Illustrated should protect the sanctity of its swimsuit issue and go ahead place an asterisk next to her photo. In fact, maybe she should have it branded on her thigh.

Sources: Roger Clemens Got HGH in Mail From Kirk Radomski [NY Daily News]

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