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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Edge Of Wetness

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The other day we reported on the glory that is Pee Your Pants For The Brewers, the site that wants you to pledge to pee your pants should Milwaukee win the NL Central (no fair buying pre-peed pants). In less than a week, an additional 1,644 people have vowed to wet themselves should the Brewers do the impossible; an impressive showing indeed. But here's what you may have missed.


The site includes a pledge list, where each promise-peer has signed up online. When pledging, signees fill out categories such as "name," "last time peed pants" and "favorite County Stadium memory", which we have been perusing with much glee. Here are a few from the latter category:

• "In the upper deck for a foul which hit 3 seats down. The lady was so excited to have it she didn't realize her son's face stopped the ball."


• "Bernie Brewer overshooting the landing."

• "Opening Day 96, in the upper grandstand I saw a pig head from a pig roast fly over my head and nail some unfortunate people sitting a couple rows in front of me."

And of course our favorite:

"Sep 9, 92 — my family to County Stadium. We parked farther west and walked through a cemetary. We split up- scaling a fence my dad fell and got knocked unconsciouse on a gravestone. I cried until my dad woke up and continued walking until we found my brother and mom covered in mud after falling down a ravine. We found the parking lot and made it to our seats covered in mud, scared as hell, with a huge lump on my dad's head to see Yount get his 3000th hit."


Your precious family ballpark memories may vary.

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