The End Is At The Beginning

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The day started with creatively shaved dudes and that's how the day shall end. This is Andrew from Temple University, who submitted his own picture because Miami's unchecked hairy chested ACC aggression will not stand.


Subject line: The Under"belly" of Collegiate Fandom

Dearest Deadspin:

It was brought to my attention by a fellow Temple University alumnus that there was a picture of a stout, hairy man sprawled across your blog. As a consistent blog reader, I find it frustrating to see the constant pictures of lewd fandom plastered on the screen from big time schools. Hell, it's easy to paint your body strange colors at a powerhouse like Miami or USC. You get up, you feel confident about winning, and you break out the paintbrush and go to town on your otherwise flabby or acne covered body.

[Ed Note: Cue "Battle Hymn Of The Republic"]

WELL ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. What about the 'little' guys? What about the Temple Football fans of the world who wake up each Saturday, drive themselves down to their mostly empty stadium, and cheer for their team when it's still a tie ballgame (and then they kickoff). In honor of this weekend's big matchup with inner-state rival, and step-father, Penn State, I share with you this picture. Me, in all my glory, getting up and representing the great school of Temple University. God damn it, THEY ARE PENN STATE, but we're fucking great with the electric hair clippers. So instead of showing the USC song girls in their tiny skirts or the Nittany Lion doing 37 backflips through a ring of fire, do it one time for the little guys...

God bless America.

Andrew Carl

That'll do, Andrew. That'll do.

* * * * *

Another week in the books. Saturday's host: Nashtern. Sunday: Barry P. And new Pearl Jam. Don't forget your FAILgate stories for Monday. Make your own history this weekend if you have to.


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. I'm glad we talked.