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We've enjoyed Syracuse's little run as much as anyone - well, maybe more than Jay Bilas, who seems more in need of a bj than usual - but then along came capitalism to make it faintly annoying.

Some Syracuse-based outfit called Holy Shirt! was printing up commemorative T-shirtsmere hours after the buzzer sounded Friday morning, which was probably inevitable and relatively inoffensive, as these things go. But then the university had to go and throw up a framed box score on its web site, presumably for people without access to a printer, which can be yours for the low, low price of $69 (already marked down from $79!). Or get one autographed by Jim Boeheim His Own Ruddy Self for only $99! Congrats to Syracuse, then, both on the school's two OT wins and the speed with it turned a classic into just another crappy framed trinket being hawked on a web site.


A Little More Drama For Syracuse, A Lot Less Overtime [NYT]

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