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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

At first blush, Jerrone Maymon looked to have knocked out Andrew Harrison with a wild elbow to the face. But with each successive replay here you can see that it was a flop and an absolutely ridiculous one at that.

The first view is real time and looks like a straight-up foul; everyone in the building reacts identically. The second looks less severe, but it's still so fast and definitely possible Maymon clipped Harrison's nose or something. On the third view, things get silly.


By the last view there's, like, a foot of space between Maymon's elbow and Harrison's face. Even his fellow teammates know he really sold it, especially Julius Randle, who flashes a mischievous smile as he applauds the referee's whistle.

After viewing the replay, however, the referees decided against assessing a foul on the play.


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