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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled The Existential Farce Of A Royals Pitching Change

I believe there is a hell, and it's always early September there. Your team is long out of playoff contention, forever playing out the string, yet the season never ends. Just meaningless game after meaningless game, and football is supposed to start soon, but it never comes. The game goes to extra innings every time, because nine innings of boring, pointless baseball isn't punishment enough. There are many pitching changes. And when the manager does make his slow, slow walk to the mound and signals for the righty, there are always two righties warming up and the bullpen isn't sure which one he wants. The huddled players gesture fruitlessly, but clarity and resolution never come. On and on, for ever and ever.


Ned Yost and the Royals would eventually wave Greg Holland into the ballgame. He would take the loss in the 10th inning.

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