The FBI Investigated Bobby Knight For Groping Women At A Spy Agency

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The Washington Post has a scoop about famed basketball coach and terrible person Bobby Knight. On July 10, 2015, Knight was curiously invited to give a speech at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), an arm of the Department of Defense that analyzes imagery of the Earth’s surface in order to serve intelligence operations. According to documents obtained by the Washington Post and interviews with members of the agency, Knight was accused of groping at least four women while he was at the NGA.

According to the Post, Knight first made inappropriate remarks about and touched a female employee who had been sent to pick him up from the airport. In an interview with the Post, the woman said that Knight commented on her legs and then touched her shoulder in a way “you don’t do to a female.”


After arriving at the NGA, Knight was greeted by another female employee whom he allegedly gripped by the side of the chest and lifted off the ground. Later in the day, just before going on stage to give his speech, Knight allegedly groped another female NGA employee’s butt. From the Post:

Moments before he walked into the auditorium, Knight suddenly put his arm around her shoulders and groped her on the buttocks, the woman told The Post in an interview. She said she was so startled that she could barely maintain her composure.

“You can shake my hand. You can give me a hug. But you don’t get to feel me up on my body,” she said.

A male NGA employee, Marc Byers, reported to a supervisor that he witnessed the incident. In a signed statement provided to investigators as part of the discrimination complaint, he said he was standing directly behind the woman when he saw Knight grab her on the buttocks multiple times.


The final incident allegedly ocurred while Knight was signing autographs after his speech. At this time, a fourth woman claims that Knight smacked her on the butt as she reached the front of the autograph line.

According to the documents obtained by the Post, an investigation into Knight’s conduct was opened by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command, but was later handed off to the FBI because Knight is not a government employee. The FBI did nothing with the case until April 2016, at which point agents flew to Montana to interview Knight. The former coach denied any wrongdoing during his interview, and the investigation was closed shortly after that.

You can read the Post’s full story here.