The "FIFA Corruption" Twitter Account Is Fake, Of Course

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Shortly after Germany won the World Cup final 1-0, a Twitter account popped up claiming that the match was fixed, and it had some seemingly convincing evidence. Alas, it was a (clever) hoax.

Many retweeted it seriously, because look at the tweets! Germany did win 1-0 with a goal in the second half of extra time! Mario Götze scored! How else would this person nail every prediction correctly? FIFA clearly fixed the whole thing.


Nah. The person behind the account had tweeted out numerous possibilities, and deleted all the incorrect tweets after the result. That's a lot of effort to fool people.


Another screencap, via SB Nation:

FIFA and president Sepp Blatter can be seedy, but in this case, the claims of corruption are false.

Photo: AP

H/t to Travis