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The Final Collapse Of Shea Stadium

That's all, folks: The last piece of Shea Stadium came tumbling down today. Congratulations on a job ... done. [Mets Blog]

Or Duplo?: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the actual PNC Park built out of Legos? [PSAMP]


Kids: I get the "25 things about college basketball" list, but what is this Facebook you speak of? [Storming The Floor]

This makes me very angry: Wait, Milton Bradley has a job, but Manny Ramirez doesn't? Who does a guy have to throw a bat at to get a contract around here? [Why's My Head Growing]

Best car I ever owned: Forget F1 or even NASCAR—busted up Chevettes racing in the snow is something I can really relate to. [Sugar Mob]

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