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The Flyers Are Not Fond Of Game 1s

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Sure, the Flyers eventually knuckled under to the Penguins' explosive attack after getting up early, but they're clearly just setting up the Pens like they did to the Caps and the Habs. Philly has lost the opener in each of its three series this postseason. The Pens have even gone as far as to crib the Canadiens defacing of the Rocky statue. just leave that Barkley statue alone! Oof. It's all so eerily similar.

With Kimmo Timonen out for the series, the Flyers weren't able to impose the physicality they're going to need to keep Evgeni Malkin, Sid Crisby and Marian Hossa in check. Malkin picked up two goals in five minutes, including his first career short-handed goal, to break Philly's back. If only the Flyers can draw some inspiration from funereal chants to get going.

Last night also marked the debut of Canadia's most conservative dresser, Don Cherry, on ESPN's hockey coverage. All for naught, though, as he said the Flyers' play spoiled his hot pink finery. Thanks a lot, Flyers.


Suddenly Keyshawn Johnson looks downright dowdy.

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