The Flyers' Home Opener Went So Badly, They're Swearing

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Now, you pieces of shit know that I can’t abide cursing. There’s no fucking reason for an educated, grown man to resort to swear words. How goddamned bad could the Flyers’ home opener against the Sharks have been to spur not one, but two players to work blue?...Oh! Oh. Jesus fishfisting Christ. Yeah, that’s bad.

In a building just about as hyped as could be after Gritty’s triumphant regular-season debut, it didn’t take long for the Sharks to turn the crowd from buzzing/buzzed to unsettled to disgruntled. Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski scored 11 seconds apart, and things only went downhill from there.


It was 4-0 by the first intermission and 8-2 at the final horn, and even that scoreline felt a little merciful. Flyers netminder Brian Elliott faced 48 shots, including 23 in the first period alone. It was the most shots Philadelphia’s allowed in a home game since 1990. That’s what pissed off Claude Giroux:

“I just think we played like shit tonight. The score shows it. We just left our goalie to dry and Moose [Elliott) played a good game, he didn’t deserve that and it’s on us.”


And Shayne Gostisbehere:

“Yeah, we sucked. It is what it is. I mean I feel so fucking bad for Moose right now. We left him out to dry, he was our best player tonight. It could’ve been 8-0 after the first. I mean it’s a little ridiculous. Some of us really have to look in the mirror on this team, and we just gotta respond tomorrow. To leave a guy out to dry like that, it’s really not fair.”

Damn hell ass crap!


It’s just one game, and against a Cup contender, so no need to dwell on it. We all shit a little shit sometimes.