The Flying Squirrel, Like The Cleveland Indians' Playoff Hopes, Is Getting Away

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Your morning roundup for Sept. 8, the day we learned we could buy Marty McFly's shoes. Photo via Big League Stew. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: About a decade ago, I did fantasy baseball for two consecutive seasons. It really was a terrific way to keep up with players, with what was happening on every team across the league. But it was much too consuming. I turned into a degenerate.

Mornings were wasted poring over box scores in some vain attempt to find an angle. I couldn't go out without being distracted from some conversation to peek at a highlight. I often found myself peering with great concentration at the scroll at the bottom of barroom television, all in the hope of discovering whether "my guy" got the save in some far-off game no one else around me gave a shit about. It was all too much. And besides, the draft was the best part, if only because of the shit-talk it created. But that was once a year, after which came the work.

After that second season, I vowed never to do it again—not baseball, not football, nothing. It was fun while it lasted, but I can't say I miss it, and I can't say I'm tempted in the least every summer when the same friend or two goodheartedly asks me to sign up for some league or another.

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