The Fun-Hating Spurs Threw Just One Alley-Oop Last Season

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The chart above, based on data from NBA Stats, shows the number of alley-oops each team has thrown in the last two regular seasons. No surprises at the very top, although it's nice to see the mediocre/bad Blazers, Hornets, Timberwolves, and Wizards crack the top ten.

Holy shit though, San Antonio. The ancient Spurs have thrown just five alley-oops in the last two seasons—19 fewer than the next closest team, 67 fewer than the NBA average, and 250 fewer than Lob City. Just one of those came during the 2012-2013 regular season, although the Spurs added two more in the playoffs, because that's where champions are made.


We're on the hunt for video of these five fabled regular-season alley-oops, drop us a line at if you find one.

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