The Giants' Season Ticket Amnesty And The Tyranny Of Good PR

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This broke late last week, but we were too busy paying attention to actual sporting events to deal with it. But we're forced to now, because certain folks in the media won't shut up about how classy the New York Football Giants are for not requiring fans to make their season ticket payments while there's a lockout.

This is common sense, and should not be praiseworthy. If you don't have a product, you shouldn't charge to see it. And while the 31 other owners should look worse by comparison, and do, let's put aside the Mara cocksucking for once and realize that this is praising Mussolini for making the trains run on time and ignoring the other stuff.

Like PSLs: these same fans who are so lucky to not have to pay for their season tickets yet, they had to shell out thousands of dollars a year ago just for the right to buy them in the first place. Like season ticket prices in general: save your cash now, pay full price if and when football returns. And if you can't scrape enough together, there is a line of other willing buyers just waiting for you to miss a payment.


In less than a year we've forgotten any anger at the soulless new stadium and the jacked up prices. In just a week we've forgotten that John Mara is among those locking out the players. All because of a well-timed but empty gesture that has the usual lapdogs rolling over and begging for more. The owners are going to win the public opinion battle because theirs is the best PR department in the world: the big media types. It doesn't mean we have to lap up their bullshit. Don't tie me up, fuck me in the ass, then toss me cab fare and say you love me.