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A friend of ours attended the Knicks-Heat game last night — the Knicks won 103-99 in overtime — and emailed us, alarmed; it appeared he had been transported to something quite different than an NBA game.


That is to say ... jeez, look at this Heat lineup (in his words):

Ricky Davis (okay, sure)
Mark Blount (sucks, but still an NBA player)
Daequan Cook (third best player out there...was also the third best player on his college team)
Chris Quinn (vaguely recall knowing who this guy is)
"Earl Barron" (what?)
"Blake Ahearn" (no way)
"Stephane Lasme" (what the fuck)
"Kasib Powell" (you have got to be kidding me, who are these people???)


I am one of those people who always plays the reasonable skeptic when someone says "[college team X] is so good, they could beat [shitty pro team Y]!!!" but i SERIOUSLY think that last year's Florida team could beat that Heat team. think about it, this was Florida's starting five.

- Horford
- Noah
- Corey Brewer
- Taurean Green
- Lee Humphrey.

Horford and Noah are legitimate NBA starter-caliber players, maybe even stars. Both of them are better than Blount. Corey Brewer was actually the direct analogue to Daequan Cook on the team that smoked Daequan Cook's team to win the title. Taurean Green is an active NBA player. Lee Humphrey IS Chris Quinn with a different haircut. If that starting five played the Heat today (with the experience they've gained in the last year), I can't see them not being favored. CONSIDERABLY favored. So you have to think that if they were time-machined from the moment they won the 2007 NCAAs they would have an even chance.

The best part of this is ... the Heat almost won!

Knicks 103, Heat 99 [Newsday]


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