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OK, we had to dig back into this Jose Canseco asking for a trade.

Let's just look at this, shall we?

Canseco had played one game with the Surf Dawgs, against Reno. Why did he have to be traded? Because of "child custody responsibilities that require him to be in the Los Angeles area for more time than he anticipated;" he has to go to Long Beach, which is 90 minutes closer.

The only issue involving the trade? Whom Canseco would actually be traded for. Now, can you imagine, for a moment, what it must be like to the guy who leaves Long Beach for San Diego because Jose Canseco has child custody issues. Life's tough enough in the low minors; in between starts, you end up having to wear the mascot suit. And now, you get traded for Jose Canseco.

We love the minor leagues, we love Jose Canseco and we think Jose Canseco asking for a trade after one game in the minor leagues might be our favorite sports story of the month so far. It's early, though.


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