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The Great Reggie Miller Corn Maze

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Like any good Midwesterners, we've spent more than our fair share of time in corn mazes. For those of you who didn't spent their formative years surrounded by combines and grain elevators, a corn maze is exactly that; an entire cornfield formed into a giant maze, with checkpoints, dead-ends, exits and, usually, a "scary" section usually manned by surly teenagers with wispy mustaches, smoking Winstons. Corn mazes are big fun for about 10 minutes, after which time you realize that you don't really care enough to actually find your way out, so you just start cheating and following the short dorky kid with the cowlick, thick glasses and IMSA sweater. He'll know how to get out, and you can take his sandwich too. He doesn't mind; he likes it.

Now that you're properly briefed, we proudly introduce you to the Reggie Miller Corn Maze, hosted by S&H Campgrounds And Poppin Corn Maze in Greenfield, Ind. It covers 14 acres of corn, 4.6 miles of trails and a quite distinct trip up and down Reggie's crotch. It's eight bucks for adults, $4 for children 5-12, but we suggest clipping this coupon for two bucks off. Don't forget to visit the Moonwalk booth!


Reggie Miller Corn Maze [S&H Campgrounds And Poppin Corn Maze]

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