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The Greatest Photo Ever Taken At A Squash Match

The Hartford Courant's Rich Messina snapped this wonderful photo of last year's controversial squash championship, where Trinity's Baset Chaudry knocked off Yale's Kenneth Chan and then proceeded to act like the most vile human being on the planet after his victory.

But this photo captures the ridiculousness and the foolish intensity of Chaudry's reaction as he goes all crazed-gorilla on the shell-shocked Chan. It's just begging to be posterized with one of those mock inspirational messages underneath it. You roosters are clever. Try it. Please don't go too far, though, or you'll be sent to #hineyholeisland. Be obvious and boring and you'll be shipped off to #phintasticpeninsula.


Best one earns a silly little star to help bolster your internet ego.


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