The Greatest YWML Reference Of All Time (So Far)

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So, Saturday morning, we woke up, full of enthusiasm for a beautiful New York City afternoon, and we checked our email. There were, strangely, 211 new email messages; that's a lot for a weekend. We weren't sure what we'd missed; did Carl Monday do a story on Fred Smoot or something?

Nope: Instead, we had the most insane, bizarre and hysterical "You're With Me, Leather" mention yet. On the NBC show "Las Vegas," a show we have never seen but feel a sudden urge to start watching now, the characters not only referenced "You're With Me, Leather," they actually recreated the circumstances behind the apocryphal tale. It's amazing in every conceivable way.


You really have to see it to believe it. It's not on YouTube, but, frankly, we think the show has earned the right to make us go to the NBC site and watch the full episode. If you're not up for watching the whole show, you can skip to "The Story of Owe - Part Three" and fast forward to the 1:30 left mark. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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