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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Daniel McDonnell of the Irish Independent tweeted out this list of VVIPs and heads of state in attendance at yesterday's World Cup final:

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It's like the best party you've ever been invited to, and you psyche yourself up to go chat up Shakira and Gisele, only they won't stop talking to LeBron, and while you're waiting for your chance you get cornered by Wyclef and Ashton Kutcher who want to tell you about this really great timeshare opportunity, and you can't find a polite way to excuse yourself from the conversation, and that supercocaine Putin brought is really doing a number on you, and then everything gets a little fuzzy, and all of a sudden the sun's coming up and you're eating convenience store burritos with Placido Domingo and the president of Gabon, and he thinks he lost his keys and wants to know if you could give him a ride back to Gabon.

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