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The Guy From The Dropkick Murphys Would Like You To Know He Didn't Really Say Jonathan Papelbon Couldn't Use His Entrance Music

Yesterday, ESPN Music(?!) reported that Ken Casey, vocalist for the Dropkick Murphys, did not want Jonathan Papelbon using his old entrance song. That song, "I'm Shipping Up To Boston," is reserved for the Red Sox closer, Casey supposedly said, and now that Papelbon is in Philadelphia, he's no longer welcome to it.

"They fucked me," Casey says via email. (You'll be shocked to know that his online handle contains both a Pogues reference and Larry Bird's number.) Casey insists he was joking, but the ESPN story played his comments as if they were legit. He doesn't blame interviewer Mike Trask:

"I don't think he meant to, but the story got edited down. It doesn't note the sarcasm and that we were laughing when I said it."


"Pap's a good friend and I'd never tell him that," Casey says, adding that he appreciates us using our platform to inform the world that ESPN took his words out of context. "Thanks for your help." Deadspin at your service!

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