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The Highlight Reel From This Women's Motocross Event Contains The Saddest Highlights Of All Time

Let's go ahead and ignore the slew of kitchen jokes that everyone has already made over on YouTube and admit that we have never attempted to ride on a motocross course, let alone in the "Moto Enduro X," the new X-Games event that struggled its way to completion last night in Los Angeles. For all we know, then, the Moto Enduro X is tremendously difficult and particularly susceptible to gravity. For most of us, it is uncharted territory, and thus difficult to critique. Okay? Good.


Now that we've done that, we can admit that the proclaimed "highlights" to last night's event are nothing like highlights at all, but more of an absurd tragicomic collection of crashes, falls, splashes, and total, abject failure. It seems the Enduro X may even be uncharted territory for those who elected to compete in it. The L.A. Times is similarly unsympathetic on this matter:

The effort in the Women's Moto X Enduro X race fell far short of Olympian, as more than half the seven racers fell off their motorcycles at some point in the six-lap race. Some of them fell off multiple times.

Maria Forsberg managed to stay on her bike throughout the treacherous course, complete with tires, rock pits, a pile of split lumber, log paths, fallen trees and a water pit. Thanks to that consistency, Forsberg claimed a gold medal.

Tarah Gieger overcame a fall in the first 100 feet of the race to take silver.

We're just glad that no one fell victim to the fire pit on the seventh turn. Cheers, Forsberg. You sure earned it.

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