Earlier this month, Calgary winger Rene Bourque gave a dirty elbow to the head of Washington's Nicklas Backstrom. The Caps' leading scorer has been out ever since with a concussion, and Bourque was suspended five games by the league. But that's not justice. That's The Man's justice. The Capitals demand street justice, the only justice there is.

"It was head shot. It was kind of on purpose," Alex Ovechkin said. "If I had got a chance to get on the ice I would have said something to [Bourque]," John Erskine said.

Troy Brouwer lamented that the Caps don't have another game against the Flames until next season: "It's one of those things where it kind of sucks because we're not able to play them again this year."

But wait: the Hockey Gods are cruel, and they are kind. Last week the Canadiens shipped malcontent Mike Cammelleri to Calgary, in exchange for you-know-who. So tonight, Rene Bourque and Montreal will be paid a visit by a very angry Capitals team.


"Hopefully, there's nothing residual," said Habs coach and foolish man Randy Cunneyworth. There will be blood. And bloody residue.