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The Horrbile Truth: Lady Terrapins Eat Kids

It's their team motto, and it's simply left to us to interpret it. "We Eat Kids." What kind of sick antics are going on behind the scenes at the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament?

I'm not sure I want to know. But Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog endeavors to find out. First this quote from freshman center Yemi Oyefuwa.

And the other approach? Well, I'll just let Oyefuwa, a very civilized Londoner, speak for the other approach. "Every month I choose a child," she told me. "Sometimes it's one from back home, sometimes it's someone from this country. You try to pick the juicy ones, the ones with nice hair, delicious ones, pretty eyes, because you know, the eyes are the best."


Apparently the slogan was born during a Midnight Madness dance routine, sophomore forward Emery Wallace yelling out "We eat kids!" as a way to keep up the motivation with her teammates. Dance routine? Anyway,Wallace got it from Mike Tyson, who once famously told Evander Holyfield that he would eat his kids. It caught on, even though half the team apparently has no idea what it means.

"She's not stable," star forward Marissa Coleman pointed out about Wallace. The players started writing it on the white board before games, underneath the three keys provided by the coaching staff. They began putting their fists together and shouting it before leaving the room. They return to the message at halftime, with Wallace tailoring her exact advice based on the first-half performance. "She'll be like, 'We're halfway through the kids' body now, keep going,' " Oyefuwa explained. "It's not like we played bad, you already had the head, you already had the hair."

Hannibal Lecter, Sweeney Todd and Titus Andronicus all approve.

I had UConn winning this thing, but I think I'll change my bracket.

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