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The Hottest LeBron Take Comes Via The Florida GOP

The fun thing about LeBron is that he is famous enough to inspire enough different varieties of strong feeling in people that he can now mean just about whatever you want him to mean. Prodigal son. A man in full. Coward. Traitor.

With Florida's race for governor heating up, we saw the state's GOP going with the latter two:


That's right: Rick Scott and the Florida GOP hit Charlie Crist AND LeBron in the seldom-seen, rarely heard sports/politics double burn. In the commercial, which doesn't mention LeBron, Crist is accused of running away from Florida's problems after his first stint as governor, from 2007-2011. (He began that term as a Republican and ended it as an Independent. He's a Democrat now.) In the photo above, James is just plain accused of running away. As far as hot LeBron takes go, this one has the virtue of sparing us the dimestore psychoanalysis.

Twitter response from the public as well as other Republicans was pretty negative. Shout out to the GOP's social media guy for @'ing LeBron, though. GOP doesn't back down from a fight.

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