The Hottest Take: The Cavs Should Trade LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers suck. They can’t play defense. They’re accusing each other of faking sick. And while it has become ritual for this team to endure a prolonged stretch of eating shit in the regular season before getting their act together in time to brush the rest of an eternally weak Eastern Conference aside in the playoffs, this Cavs outfit feels uniquely incompetent and dysfunctional in ways that trading for George Hill will not solve. They have no chance of beating Golden State, and more than a few professional Basketball Knowers believe that LeBron James, due to be a free agent, will get the fuck out of there after this season.


Now, if that’s the case, this seems like a good time to propose the un-proposable. That’s right: I’m talking about letting LeBron get together with Cavs brass and engineer a way to trade him somewhere for the rest of the season in a deal that would airlift LeBron out of that shithole AND give Cleveland an extra pick or two, instead of being left with nothing when LeBron walks out the door. Everyone wins! Well, I mean, except for Cleveland. That thermonuclear hot take is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

Oh, but there’s more! Yes, Roth and I also talk about the conference championships, alt-right worshipping tennis bros, rick drunk people, and we answer YOUR questions about unsubscribing from spam, Papa John, bad parking parents, Alex Trebek, and more.

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