The Inherent Demeaning Effects Of Global Capital, Bootlicking, Things Of That Nature

When you have nailed it.
When you have nailed it.
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In a better world, we’d all probably still work a decent amount. Probably not quite as much and definitely not under conditions that work in a thousand different ways to demean and diminish every human involved at every level, while somehow serving to enrich only the worst of those, but in that better world it’s likely that Daryl Morey would still work the same job he does in this one, which is being a basketball executive. He seems to like the job a lot, after all. That wasn’t what we talked about in this week’s Deadcast, though. We talked about all the dumb shit that happened to and because of him instead.


Every other Morey-related thing that happened this week—an oppressive totalitarian state flipping out over an idle tweet of Morey’s in a way that was somehow both brutal and smug, the NBA capitulating instantly because of how much money it hopes to make from that state, and the broader sports discourse instantly reverting to its most servile and useless reflexes—would not exist in that better world. But in this world, where Morey and the rest of us work and Drew and I record this podcast, Morey’s brief and quickly deleted tweet in support of protestors in Hong Kong kicked off a bunch of predictable and depressing responses. None of it was new, exactly, but they served as fresh reminders of just how things work, and how they don’t. So we talked about that.

But just for a while. Other things are happening, things that are while still kind of bleak if considered in full—I speak here both of former Washington head coach Jay Gruden’s recently concluded time in Dan Snyder’s employ and Drew admitting to liking “a few” Chainsmokers songs—are also not so much a reminder of overarching structural rottennesses as The Usual Dumb Things That Happen. We talked about those as well, with special attention paid to the uniquely paranoiac brand of suck that defines Washington’s NFL team and with Drew’s Chainsmokers thing rushed past as quickly as possible.

The Funbag, as it often does, came as a perverse sort of relief, not least because of the presence of designated relief pervert Victor Jeffreys II for the segment. Within we found a question about Trump’s attitude towards the Magic 8 Ball as a product that quickly devolved into answers about Trump taking off-brand diet pills, as well as a much sunnier one about the most iconic and instantly recognizable voices in American life. It gave us an opportunity to discuss voiceover legend and secret Hollywood royalty Don LaFontaine. He’s the guy that famously said “in a world” in a thousand or so trailers. Usually he went on to talk about a world that’s somehow more fantastical or interesting than ours. We’ll just see you next week in this one.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.