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The Internet Has Uncovered The Single Saddest Former Pro Wrestler

Mike Jones spent most of his 25-year career wrestling around the world. His only brush with what could charitably be called "fame" was a four-year stint in the WWF as Virgil, the sadsack "bodyguard" of the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. He rarely wrestled, instead settling for escorting DiBiase to the ring, carrying his briefcase full of money, and just generally being humiliated by his boss. (The character was also kind of a racist caricature.)

Virgil has faded from the public eye, but still shows up at the myriad conventions and autograph signings attending indie events. Sadly, nobody wants to buy a signed photo of Virgil. One very special Tumblr exists solely to document the heartbreaking plight of Virgil, sitting alone at his table. Lonely Virgil is nothing but photos of the poor bastard looking bored and alone, waiting for someone to come over. Sometimes he uses Ted DiBiase's name, as if that will trick attendees. Sometimes he misspells DiBiase's name. There are more of these photos than you can imagine.


Update: It seems everybody has a Virgil story to tell. Email yours here. We'll run some of the best.

[Lonely Virgil]

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