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Illustration for article titled The IOC Wont Recognize The 40th Anniversary Of The Munich Massacre, So Bob Costas Will

This slipped under the radar a bit this weekend, but NBC Olympics host Bob Costas told The Hollywood Reporter that he plans to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre with a minute of silence as the Israeli national team enters Olympic Stadium during Friday's Opening Ceremony.

That's after the IOC rejected repeated appeals by the Israeli team to note the anniversary. IOC President Jacques Rogge explained, "The IOC has officially paid tribute to the memory of the athletes on several occasions," as reported by USA Today.


Costas says he'll note the IOC denied the requests, that some people find it "more than puzzling but insensitive," then note the minute of silence. It's a rare bit of controversy or politics in what's usually a bleached-clean NBC production, and we're looking forward to the reaction.

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