The Jacksonville Jaguars Now Have Their Own Version Of The Terrible Towel, And It Is Called The Jag Rag

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We've seen a lot of other teams doing their own spinoff on the Pittsburgh Steelers' infamous Terrible Towel (how many times can you reinvent a towel for fans to wave?), but the Jacksonville Jaguars' sendup, known as the Jag Rag, has the best name so far.

Bert Sparks, the entrepreneur and Jacksonville native behind the Jag Rag, is certainly earnest about his endeavor to unite Jaguars fans with his Jag Rag. On his site, a slogan boasts that the Jag Rag is "The Spark of a New Beginning" for Jacksonville's organization.

How much do you have to pay for a Jag Rag? A mere $10. (Or $12 if you want a pink one to support breast cancer awareness.) Portions from every sale of a Jag Rag go to a charity, so Jag Rag purchasers can feel very satisfied and happy that their purchase has produced some good.


Bert has a dream. And who are we to criticize him, even if his product shares the same name as—defined by Urban Dictionary—a tissue or some other cloth used to catch one's wad after they shoot it?

How neat would it be to watch a game on the west coast, where we might not think we have many fans and then when the camera pans the stadium we see "JAG RAGS" flying in support?

It would be very neat, Bert. Very neat indeed.

H/t to Derek.