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The Jazz Have Some Truly Charming Fans

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Last month, ESPN's Ric Bucher took some heat for saying that Jazz fans are vicious because they're Mormons and there's nothing else to do in Salt Lake City. That might or might not be true, but one thing is certain: They really are quite vicious.


This photo is just part of it. The Bleacher Report runs down some other Jazz fan offenses.

When asked the difference between playing on the road and at home during the series against the Jazz, Warrior's forward Stephen Jackson said, ""Well, we're not hearing racial slurs, we're not hearing people wishing for me to go to jail," Jackson said. "That's the difference for me. I'm loved here in Oakland."

Jason Richardson was asked about the racial slurs and responded, "That was something new. It shocked all of us. We weren't expecting that. I mean, [Jazz fans] were trying to get into our heads any way they can, but I couldn't believe anybody would stoop that low. It's nonsense."

Something to think about when that vaunted "Jazz homecourt advantage" is trotted out. Hey, maybe they'll make the NBA Finals, and everyone will be able to see and enjoy it all.

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