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The Jerry Sandusky Jury Pool: They Are Penn State, Too [UPDATE]

Jerry Sandusky's defense team lost most of its pre-trial motions, but it did score one rather significant victory: The jury is being drawn from Centre County, Pa., a jurisdiction that includes Penn State and former headquarters of The Second Mile, Sandusky's erstwhile charity.

Some 600 potential jurors were sent a questionnaire, and from that, 220 were scheduled to arrive this morning at the courthouse in Bellefonte for the start of jury selection. Of those who showed, two wore Penn State gear, which contradicts some earlier reports that made the scene seem more like a Beaver Stadium tailgate party. (Besides, anyone willing to wear Penn State clothing to this particular selection of jurors is likely hoping to avoid getting picked.)


Three jurors have already been selected, according to various reports. One has a father who went to Penn State. Another is married to someone who once worked at the same place as the father of Mike McQueary, the prosecution's most important witness. Expect most of those yet to be picked to have some connection to someone or something similar, no matter what they're wearing.

Update (5:51 p.m.): Six more jurors were chosen this afternoon, including one who's a 21-year-old student who "wore a Penn State archery shirt to court," according to Yahoo's Dan Wetzel.

Update No. 2 (5:57 p.m.): Sara Ganim reports that the student juror played for the Clinton County coach Sandusky used to volunteer for, and that the student works in the PSU athletic office and has a cousin who played football for Penn State. Ganim also says Lawyerin' Joe Amendola tried to strike the student juror from the panel, but the judge denied the request.

Photo via AP.

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